Fees and Money Matters

Within the International Office, we have a great deal of experience of working with International Students and as such we understand how much of an investment it is to study in the UK. We are also aware that at first it can be difficult to manage your finances accordingly when moving to a different country. We therefore want to ensure that you have the most detailed and accurate information regarding all the costs which you may encounter during your time in Cardiff.

You should ensure that you have enough money to pay for your fees and your living expenses for the whole of your course at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Any earnings from part time work should be seen as additional spending money and should not be factored into your budget for course fees or accommodation fees.

Please also bear in mind that you will be unable to obtain any money from the University or any other UK organisations once you arrive. UK visa authorities in most countries will ask to see proof that you have the necessary finances to cover food and living expenses before you can be granted a visa.

Like all other UK universities, all academic and accommodation fees must be paid in full to the University whilst you are studying with us. If you do not do this you will be unable to graduate from your course or gain a certificate for your studies. However it is possible to pay your fees in two instalments if you are not able to pay them in full when you begin your course. ​

International Student Courses Fees

​Undergraduate Courses ​Length ​Course Fee 24/25

​Undergraduate Degree

​3-4 years

​£16,000 per year


​2 years

​£12,000 per year

​Top-Up Degree

​1 year


​International Foundation Course

​1 year


*Exceptions below

Postgraduate Courses ​Length ​Course Fee 24/25

​​Postgraduate Masters Degree

​1-2 years


​Postgraduate Doctoral Degree*


​£17,600 per year

*Exceptions below

​Other Courses ​LengthCourse Fee 18/19

​Pre-Sessional English

6-​15 weeks

​£1,900 - £3,450

​​Ca​rdiff School of Management Summer School

​6 weeks


​MBA (including study visit)

​1 year


BSc Podiatry

​3 years

​£12,000 per year

​MSc Sport and Exercise Medicine

​1 year



​1 year


A small number of courses have additional costs, which are mandatory or optional expenses, additional to tuition fees, that need to be paid for by students to fully participate and complete their studies.

Helping you achieve: Scholarships available at Cardiff Met 

We believe all students deserve the opportunity to enhance their career prospects, irrespective of their financial situation. That's why we offer a range of undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships and studentships to support our International students.

For full information please visit our International Scholarship Page here.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How can I make my advance fee payment (deposit) before arriving in UK?

Credit/Debit Card

Make a payment using web payment via the link below, this payment will be made directly into Cardiff Metropolitan University bank account.


User will need to enter Student ID (8 Numeric Values) and Date of Birth to make payment against account.

Western Union

You can make a bank transfer through Western Union. The benefits of paying through Western Union are:

  • No transaction charges from Western Union Business Solutions or Cardiff Metropolitan University

  • Favourable exchange rates compared to most banks

  • Reduced bank fees because transfer is initiated locally

  • Full payment amount received by Cardiff Metropolitan University

  • Available in 8 languages; English, French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, Hindi, Indonesian and Korean

How to make a payment:

  1. To make your payment go to the Western Union site by clicking Pay Now WU payment button.jpg

  2. Select the country you are making the payment from.

  3. Enter the amount of tuition fees you would like to pay in the Tuition Fees box (please put the amount in GBP), and press the Get a quote button.

  4. Select which option you would like to pay with – you will be given the available options and quotes in relevant currencies. This quote is valid for 72 hours (if you do not make the payment within this time you will need to generate a new quote).

  5. Enter your student details and click Next.

  6. Enter the payer's details and click Proceed to payment.

  7. Select Print instructions – this will provide you with a pdf containing the currency and amount you have been quoted, and the bank details you need to transfer the amount to.

  8. Print or save these instructions. Login to your online banking and use these details to make the payment ensuring you quote the Payment reference number given on the instructions OR take the payment instructions to your local bank to make the payment.

You can use the Payment Reference number to track your payment on the Western Union website.

Bank Transfer

Payment can be made directly to Cardiff Metropolitan University's bank account using the following details:

National Westminster Bank, 96 Queens Street, Cardiff CF10 2GR
Account name: Cardiff Met Exchequer
Sort Code: 01 01 55
Account Number: 01043838
IBAN: GB73NWBK01015501043838
Swift number: NWBK GB 2L

Please make sure that your Cardiff Met student reference number is clearly quoted as a payment reference.

Please note that it is your responsibility to pay any bank charges deducted from the payment received into Cardiff Metropolitan University's bank account. In order to avoid underpayments you should arrange for the bank charges to be paid at the time of the transfer.

Money Order / Banker's Draft / Demand Draft

Make a Money Order / Banker's Draft / Demand Draft for £3,000.00 payable to 'Cardiff Metropolitan University'. Please make sure that your name, date of birth and Cardiff Met reference number is clearly written on the back.

The Money Order/ Banker's Draft can be sent to us in one of two ways:

  • By handing the payment to an authorised Cardiff Metropolitan University agent (all authorised agents possess a Certificate of Representation which should be shown on request)

  • By sending the Banker's Draft by registered post / reputable courier to Teresa Kedward, Cardiff Metropolitan University, International Office, 200 Western Avenue, Cardiff, United Kingdom CF5 2YB

  • For Students from China

    You can pay in one of the following ways:

    Alipay / Tenpay / Credit/Debit card UnionPay / CNY Bank transfer

  • Using Geoswift, Students, parents and sponsors can pay fees using Alipay, Tenpay, their  credit/debit card UnionPay and bank transfer.
  • Using GlobalPay for Students, enter amount in pounds to pay to your institution.

  • Select Geoswift option.

  • Choose your payment method.

  • Western Union Business Solutions receives funds, converts them into pounds, and delivers them to your institution directly—in full and tagged with your identifying information.

    More information about making a payment through Western Union from China can be found on this leaflet.

2. How will I know if the University has received my payment?

Once you have completed the bank transfer you will need to forward the following information to the International Office by email - internationalaccept@cardiffmet.ac.uk:

  • Your full name

  • Your date of birth

  • The exact amount of the transfer in GBP

  • The date of the transfer

  • The name given as a reference

  • The name of the bank from which the transfer was made

  • Your passport number

  • Your address in country of permanent residence

  • Your Cardiff Metropolitan University reference number

Upon receipt of your payment and acceptance form, Cardiff Metropolitan University will send a confirmation email to the email address that you provide. A letter confirming receipt of your payment and acceptance onto your course will also be sent to you or your agent. Please note that this letter will act as a formal receipt for your payment and should be used to apply for your student visa.

3. When must I pay the balance of my tuition fees?

It is important that you know the deadlines for paying your tuition fees and that you have made arrangements in advance to make your payments on time. Please note, you will be required to make your first payment within 2 weeks of enrolling on your course.

Payment options

Option 1

Payment of the full tuition fee within 2 weeks of enrolling.

Option 2

Payment in 2 instalments (This option is not applicable to pre-sessional students).

Instalment 1 – Pay at least 60% of the fees within 2 weeks of enrolling (the 60% will include any fee you pay in advance of enrolling)

Instalment 2 – Pay the remaining balance of the fee plus a 5% administration charge on that balance by the following deadlines:

  • For courses starting in September or October the deadline = January
  • For courses starting in January or February the deadline = June

Top Tip! It is recommended that you choose option 1 to avoid incurring any administration charges.

Please note: Failure to make tuition fee payments on time will result in suspension of your computer and facilities access which will make it very difficult for you to access your course related resources and submit your assignments. Students with debts will also be prevented from re-enrolling onto the next phase of their course. For more information about the University's finance policies please see the University’s Debtor Policy.

4. Is it possible to receive a refund if I experience a problem?

Yes, this is possible in the event of one of the following situations:
In the event of an international student not being able to enrol at Cardiff Metropolitan University we will refund or return the full payment providing that one of the following conditions are met:-

  • The student has been declined a Tier 4 student visa and has provided Cardiff Metropolitan University with a copy of the official visa rejection letter. The International Office will give due consideration to the nature of the refusal.

  • If the visa is refused due to fraud – no refund will be given and the student will be prohibited from studying at Cardiff Metropolitan University in the future.

  • Ill health resulting in the inability to travel. A signed letter from a doctor on headed paper supporting this will need to be provided. 

  • The student has changed their study plans and has not been issued with a certificate of Acceptance for Study (CAS). Or A CAS has been assigned but not used. 

  • ​An international incident or epidemic prevents the student from travelling. 

  • Student’s visa application has been rejected before they enrol at Cardiff Metropolitan University. If the refusal is based on non-genuine grounds, following a credibility interview with the UKVI.  You must provide evidence that you have applied for administrative review, before a refund will be processed.

In addition to the above, there are some additional scenarios where students can request a partial refund of the fees paid if they enrol on the course but subsequently need to withdraw. Eligibility for a refund will be assessed on a case by case basis and the date of withdrawal from your course will also be a contributing factor to the final decision made about whether a refund is approved or not. For further enquiries about refunds, please email internationalrefund@cardiffmet.ac.uk. For full terms and conditions please click here.

5. How much money should I bring with me to the UK?

It is essential that you have enough funds to pay for your fees and your living expenses for the whole of your course at Cardiff Met. The cost of living in Cardiff is not as expensive as living in many other large cities in Britain. UKVI advise that students should budget £1015 per month to cover their living expenses whilst studying in the UK.

We recommend you have a look at this budgeting tool.

6. How should I bring my money to the UK?

When considering how to bring your money to the UK, it is important that you take security into consideration. It is not advisable to carry large amounts of cash. You should ensure that you bring enough cash to pay for any incidentals until you are able to open a bank account or are able to access your funds. An example of incidentals you may need to purchase are; food, taxi fares, bus fares, accommodation and a calling card to call home

We recommend that larger amounts of money should be carried in a secure form such as sterling travellers cheques.

7. What if I cannot pay my fees during my course?

It is important that you arrange your finances before you arrive in the UK to ensure that you are able to make payments on time. Late payments will incur an additional administration charge on top of your tuition fees. As with other UK universities, Cardiff Met has a regulation that all academic fees and accommodation fees must be paid in full whilst you are studying at the University or else you will not be permitted to graduate from your course and gain a certificate for your academic achievements. 

If you do not pay your fees on time, you will receive letters from the Finance Office and may be prevented from continuing with your studies or re-enrolling onto the next phase of your course until your fees are paid. If you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to pay your fees, you may be advised to suspend or defer your studies until you are in a position to clear all outstanding debts to the University. Please note, any change to a Tier 4 student’s status at the university must be reported to UK Visas and Immigration, which may consequently result in a curtailment/cancellation of their visa. For further advice about fees and related immigration matters, please see the 'University Debtor Policy' in the Related Links section or contact the International Student Support Team at internationalwelfare@cardiffmet.ac.uk​​

8. Can I work during my studies?

The answer to this is normally yes, however it will depend on the type of visa you are granted. Any earnings from part time work should be seen as additional spending money and should not be factored into your budget for course fees or accommodation fees.

For more information about working please click here.