Study Abroad

At Cardiff Metropolitan University we understand the importance of cultural experiences to help academic and personal development. This is why we offer a range of studying opportunities outside of the UK to make sure students can get the best possible experience and share forever lasting memories.

Study in the EU (Erasmus EU)

Erasmus+ within Europe is a programme that is funded by the European Commission from 2014 to 2020.  There is a wide range of opportunities for Cardiff Mets students and staff. Read more information about outgoing students.

Study out of the EU (Erasmus International)

Erasmus+ International offers grants for students as well as teaching and training staff. These grants are financed by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Programme and they contribute towards travel costs and subsistence allowance. More information about Erasmus+ International.

International Exchange

International Exchange is a perfect way to disover new educational and cultural experience in a foreign country for a semester or a full year. This experience provides engagement in the academic and social life of the host's culture. Find out more about International Exchange

Fees and Funding

We know how important funding is for students and one of the main questions that we get asked frequently is how much is it going to cost. Find out more information about fees and funding.

GaragErasmus – Bringing the Erasmus Generation together!

Ca​rdiff Metropolitan University have formed a new alliance with the GaragErasmus foundation. By becoming a member of this foundation, Cardiff Metropolitan University is becoming part of a unique public and provide alliance of a number of Universities, companies and cities with the aim of supporting education, economic and social development and growth within Europe. 

GarageErasmus is the first network platform available for the Erasmus generation to boost work mobility and aiming to circulate ideas within Europe. This is a great platform for students/start uppers/entrepreneurs to 'check-in' and to connect with fellow Erasmus students, companies, recruiters and investors and transfer ideas and knowledge but also to become part of this upcoming professional network. 

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Opportunities for Incoming Students

Studying abroad in Cardiff offers you an amazing opportunity to enhance your learning experience through encountering different ethics and values and learning more about the UK. Read more information about incoming students.