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Outgoing Student Testimonials

​Ana Saiz Moron - BSc Psychology, 3rd year

My name is Ana and I am currently a third-year Psychology student at Cardiff Met. For the past two years, I have gone abroad during the summer as part of the Erasmus+ program. After my first year of university, I had the opportunity to go abroad for 2 months during the summer. During June and July as part of a work placement, I was part of the insurance company "Direct Line" in Spain. I learnt so many things and really enjoyed my time for the first time I felt I could implement the knowledge I was gaining during my degree! 

After the amazing experience, I decided to go abroad again during the next summer. This time I went abroad during July and August and I was part of the HR department in a company. The company "Net Tandem" is a selection of personal platform. I learned step by step all the process of selection of personal (CV, interviews, etc). They work internationally so I also got to understand how HR departments work in different countries. As a Psychology student, this experience could not have been better since I learnt everything you have to know if you are thinking of being a psychologist in the workplace field. 

There is so much to learn when you take part in Erasmus+, not only what you learn from the actual placement but what you learn from the culture and how to manage and adapt to a different country. 

I truly consider participating in the Erasmus+ program twice has been the best experience during my time in university and I really hope future student get the chance to take part in Erasmus+. Furthermore, I am really excited that I will be participating again this summer! Can't wait to practically implement all the knowledge I have acquired during my degree!!