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Tier 4 Visa Application Checking Service

Cardiff Met are now offering a new service which is free to our prospective students, who are planning to submit a Tier 4 (general) student visa application, to commence their studies at our University.

 The service will include:

  • Checking bank statement that you will be planning to submit with your visa application to ensure they meet Tier 4 requirements and that you have sufficient funds to cover outstanding fees and maintenance.  To ensure you are submitting the correct documentation, please submit these to the International Office to review. Please note you need to provide information during your interview on how you will be financing your tuition fees and living expenses. If you are being sponsored by a parent/guardian please be ready to answer questions​ on their income and expenses, and how they are able to financially support you. The bank statements must confirm that the necessary sum of money for outstanding tuition fees and/or living expenses has been held in your bank account for 28 consecutive day, these statements cannot be more than 30 days old when the Tier 4 application is made.  

    OR if you will be using your parents' bank statements as evidence of your funds, their bank statements; PLUS a letter from your parents in English, confirming that they will be financially supporting you by paying your tuition fees and living expenses; PLUS your original birth certificate (and translation if necessary) stating your names and those of your parents. PLEASE NOTE: evidence of financial support from another relative or spouse will NOT be accepted by the Home Office, unless you are officially adopted, please contact us for further information.

  • You can also contact us if you have any other enquiries regarding your visa application or are unsure on what documentation you need to submit, as part of your visa application.

This service is offered by fully trained immigration staff members, who will be able to advise you whether your documents meet the Tier 4 requirements. If you wish to use this service please email or send your documents to