It is a legal requirement for the university (Tier 4 sponsor) to check immigration documents before students are permitted to enrol onto their courses, therefore international students cannot enrol in advance of arriving at the university. 

Enrolment will take place during the International Student Induction which is held over the weekend before the Course Inductions start. In order to enrol, you will need to bring the following documents to the International Student Induction:

  • Your passport

  • Biometric card (BRP)/visa or letter

  • Original education certificates

  • If you have travelled via the eGate and therefore not received a stamp in your passport on arrival at the border, you will need to provide the University with evidence of your travel to the UK e.g. travel ticket or boarding card. If you are intending to rent accommodation in the private sector, you will also be expected to show evidence of entry to your letting agency or landlord.

Sponsored students, will also be expected to provide a sponsorship letter to prove that an organisation has agreed to pay their fees.

Course Fees
You will be expected to pay at least 60% of your fees during the first two weeks of enrolling and we recommend that if you have paid all or part of your fees in advance, that you bring with you confirmation of this payment. 

Please note, if you choose to pay your fees in two instalments (60%/40%), a 5% administration charge will be incurred on the second instalment. To avoid any charges, we recommend that you pay your fees in full in advance or at enrolment.