Regional Manager


Nicola Brabyn

Students who have the following qualifications may be considered for direct entry onto relevant schemes at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Foundation ​Courses

Francophone: Applications with a Baccalaureate score of 10-11 (passable) can be considered for International foundation course

Undergraduate Courses

Applicants General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level (6 straight B's) may apply for entry to appropriate undergraduate programmes considered on an individual basis

Baccalaureat with an ​overall score of 12 or above (assez bien/fair) or above

Postgraduate Courses

Bachelor degree (Licence) with an overall score of 12 or above may be admitted to postgraduate courses

Diplome d'ingenieur (passable or above) or Maitrise with GPA 2.0 and above out of 4.0


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