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Dr Hiba Massoud

Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance
 Accounting, Economics and Finance
Telephone No: +44 (0) 29 2041 6828

I started my career as an auditor some 20 years ago working on two large multinational clients from the petroleum industry. After few years I pursued my postgraduate study and research on corporate social responsibility and disclosure of multinational companies in environmentally sensitive industries and received a master degree in Finance and Investment and a PhD in Accounting from Nottingham University Business School. Since then, I held a number of academic positions in nine higher education institutions overseas and in UK including Cardiff University and Coventry University. I also worked as a contracted finance and CSR consultant and advisor for a number of EU and UNDP projects covering both higher education and business sectors.  I developed a strong international academic and professional experience involves taking duties and responsibilities in teaching, supervision, research, enterprise and leadership and was recently recognised as a senior fellow of the Higher Education Academy.


Dr Massoud is interested in a variety of research mainly accounting and finance, higher education management, social responsibility and disclosure, as well as youth and gender issues. Her research interest in the area of Accounting and Finance includes: 

Accounting and Finance Education

Corporate Governance

Corporate Social responsibility and Disclosure

Islamic Finance

Mergers and Acquisitions

Fair Value Accounting




Refereed Journal Papers

Massoud, H. and Ayoubi, R.M. (2019). Do Flexible Admission Systems Affect Student Enrolment? Evidence from UK Universities, Journal of Marketing Higher Education, Vol 29, Issue 1, pp. 84-101.


Massoud, H., with Ayoubi, R. M. and Loutfi, M. (2019). "Multi Academy Trusts in England: A scenario of cooperation with universities", International Journal of Educational Management Vol 33, Issue 4, pp. 569-572.


Massoud, H. K. and Ayoubi, R.M. (2012). Marketing Motivations of CSR: the Case of the Syrian Private Sector, European Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Sciences, Issue 52, pp. 179-194.


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Massoud, H.K. with Ayoubi, R.M (2012). Is it Because of Partners or Partnerships? An Investigation into the Main Obstacles of Developing International Partnerships in Four UK Universities. International Journal of Educational Management, Vol. 26, Issue 4, pp. 338-353.  


Massoud, H. K. with Ayoubi, R.M. (2011). Questioning the Role of Internationalization in the Nationalization of Higher Education: The Impact of the EU TEMPUS Programme on Higher Education in Syria. European Journal of Higher Education, Vol. 1, Issue 4, pp. 352-368.


Massoud, H.K with S. Toms and J. Hasseldine (2009) "Asymmetric Response: Explaining Corporate Social Disclosure by Multi-National Firms in Environmentally Sensitive Industries", Journal of Risk and Governance, Vol. 1, Issue 2, pp. 157-174.


Massoud, H.K with Ayoubi, (2007). The Strategy of Internationalization in Universities: A Quantitative Evaluation of the Intent and Implementation in UK Universities. International Journal of Educational Management, Vol. 21, No 4. pp. 329-349.

Other Contributions

Massoud, H.K with Ayoubi, (2017). Culture clash – National vs international publishing, University World News, August, Issue No. 471.


Books and Book Chapters

Massoud, H. and Mouseli, S. (2018). Common biases in business research. In Gómez, J. M. and Mouseli S. (eds.)., Modernizing the Academic Teaching and Research Environment: Methodologies and Cases in Business Research, 1st ed. Cham: Springer international publishing AG.,  p. 97-109, 13 p.  Chapter 6. ISBN 978-3-319-74172-7.


Massoud, H.K. (2009). Corporate Social Responsibility: The Disclosure of World Oil Industry. VDM Verlag Müller Aktiengesellschaft & Co. KG. Germany. 404 p., ISBN: 363913673X, ISBN: 978-3639136739.

Conference Proceedings

Massoud, H.K. with Abdul-Wahed, U. (2010). "Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and its Marketing Motivations: An Empirical Test of the Syrian Private Sector". ICBME 2010, Turkey, Izmir, 7-9 October.


Massoud, H.K with Ayoubi, R.M., and Al-Maghout, H. (2009) "Cultural Shock or Shocking Culture: An Exploration of the Main Obstacles Encountering Syrian Newly Returned Academic Staff from Abroad". UNESCO Arab Regional Conference on Higher Education (ARCHE+10), 31 May, Cairo, Egypt.


Massoud, H.K. with Youssef, L. and Ayoubi, R.M. (2009). "Attempts Confronting Globalisation of Higher Education: The Case of the Syrian National Standard Medical Test". ICERI 2009, Spain, Madrid, 16-18 November.

Academic Conference Papers and Presentations

Massoud, H. K and Ayoubi, R.M. (2011). "Customer Aspiration Factors and University Reputation: the Main Internal Capabilities Affecting the Entry Standards to UK Universities". 6th Annual Conference, ICHME, American University in Cairo, Egypt, Cairo, 18-12 April.


Ayoubi, R.M. Massoud, H and Kakeh, H. (2011). Marketing for higher education institutions: determinants of customers' satisfaction at a Syrian Business School. 6th Annual Conference, ICHEM, American University in Cairo, Egypt, Cairo, 18-20 April.


Funded Conference Presentation titled "National Attempts Confronting Globalization of Higher Education", JISER-MED conference, 21-22 November 2011, Amman, Jordan.


Massoud, H.K with Ayoubi, R.M. (2007), "An Investigation into the Main Internal Capabilities Affecting the entry Standards to UK Universities: A Quantitative Analysis". Paper presented in the National Conference for University Admission Policies in Syrian Universities, University of Al-Baath, Hums, 14-15 March, Syria. 


Massoud, H. with Husseldine, J., Toms, S. (2007), "Political, Social and Economic Determinants of Corporate Social Disclosure by Multi-national Firms in Environmentally Sensitive Industries", The British Academy of Management, Corporate Social Responsibility Special Interest Group Conference, the York Management School, 16th -17th April 2007, York University, UK.


Other work /Reports/ Case studies

Massoud, H.K. with Ayoubi, R.M (2010). General objectives, strategies, and corporate policies of the 11th Five Year Plan in Syria 2011-2015: Overview of business opportunities. Working paper prepared for Syrian German Business Council, Damascus, Syria.


Ayoubi, R.M with Massoud. H. (2010). "Damascus Security Exchange to Lead the Private Sector Change: Creative Anticipation of the Needs or Putting the Cart before the Horse", case study developed for the Syria Oxford Leadership Programme.


Ayoubi, R.M with Massoud. H. (2010). "The Syrian Drama: from Market Followers to Foreseen Market Leaders", case study developed for the Syria Oxford Leadership Programme.



Developing "MATRE" (Modernizing Academic Teaching and Research in Business and Economics in Syria and Lebanon) proposal and successfully pursuing EC Tempus grant of €943,266.00 towards funding this project. The project addresses national and regional higher education priorities and is designed to reform the Business and Economics curricula and train researchers in these areas on research and publishing skills and strengthen the linkage between universities and the business sector for a better role of universities in society. Some of the aims of this project are to boost research environment & promote research culture at selected business schools in Syria and Lebanon, to promote modernization of curricula & teaching skills & methods in the field of business, to set & operate knowledge triangle (education, innovation, research) in these institutions and to propose related policies & regulations .I initiated the project idea with a group of colleagues and was a member of the proposal's development team.


External links

  • Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Member of the Royal Economic Society
  • Academic Reviewer, International Journal of Management Practice
  • Academic reviewer for Studies in Higher Education Journal
  • Academic reviewer for Journal of Marketing for Higher Education
  • Academic reviewer for Social Responsibility Journal
  • Academic reviewer for Sport, Business, Management: An International Journal
  • PhD supervision, Coventry University
  • PhD external examiner, Nottingham Trent University, 2019
  • Member of the PRME (Principles of Responsible Management Education) and Sustainability Steering Group, Coventry University, School of Economics, Finance and Accounting, 2017/2018
  • Expert (Science4Refugees project), European Projects in Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation, 2016.
  • Visiting Scholar, University of Minho, Portugal, funded by PEACE Project, Erasmus Mundus Program, 2015
  • Consultant/Admission Policy and Graduates' Standardised Tests, Ministry of Higher Education, Syria, 2007-2015
  • Visiting Scholar, University of Almeria, Spain, funded by Phoenix Project, Erasmus Mundus Program, 2014
  • Expert in Mid-Term Expenditure Framework, SPAN Consultants, Netherlands, EU Funded Project, 2008-2009
  • Advisor for Global Compact Project, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), 2008